What’s for Dinner Tonight | Cooking

This winter weather has me in a rut!  I decided it was time to check another thing off of my “I want to do this” list.  Well…I actually checked 2 off as they kind of go hand in hand.  Home-made pasta and sauce!  I’ve never made either before and have wanted to for a long time.  There is nothing like fresh pasta and sauce…such good memories of eating it by the plateful on New Years morning. *Drooool*

I did some online searching on my favorite sites and decided to try these recipes from The Pioneer Woman: Pasta, Sauce

I doubled the pasta recipe and halved the sauce.  I also used whole wheat flour instead of regular. I couldn’t decide which photo of the flour and eggs to post so…here are both 🙂

Rochester, NY Photographer

Rochester, NY Photographer

First I made a little well for the eggs…and then started kneading.

Rochester, NY Photographer

It took a while, but eventually I got it to the photo on the left – nice and smooth.  I rolled it out really thin and cut it into strips.  Just like the recipe said, the noodles puff up once cooked.  I can see how a pasta machine would be helpful to get it to the right thickness, but if you’re not picky don’t spend the money.

Rochester, NY Photographer Rochester, NY Photographer

Rochester, NY Photographer

Rochester, NY Photographer

As a side I found some spinach and leftover jarred salsa (canned from this book) so I mixed them together and saved the calories of using dressing!

Rochester, NY Photographer

Olive bread from The Village Bakery – this place is to DIE for.  Jay and I go for lunch…or really at any time we can think up an excuse…all the time.

Rochester, NY Photographer

And here’s the final product!  The sauce was fantastic – I highly recommend it.  Lots of flavors and textures.  The pasta was….ok. I have to admit, I didn’t love it as much as the other boys in the house did.  It didn’t have a ton of taste and was too thick for me.  Not what I was looking for, but still decent.  If anyone has a pasta recipe please comment below!!

Rochester, NY Photographer

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