A glance at February | Personal Post

Love Month!  Well, with a 2 year old in the house every month is  Love Month (he’s just so kissable!) :).  I tried to make it as fun for Aaron as possible since he seems to be remembering things more than usual these days.  I wasn’t going for *perfect* photos.  I was going for the moment – kind of hard to work for perfection with a 2 year old running around!

Between working on my business, cleaning the house and running errands here’s a few photos of the fun we had ❤

DSC_2059 DSC_2056
We took photos…a LOT of photos because I *HAVE* to remember these awesome memories years from now.  Not having something to look back on is NOT an option for us!

We got some crafty things out and played trucks with them…what else would you do with these puff balls?!

We ate warm, yummy oatmeal on freezing cold mornings.

Oh – we took breaks to check that our belly button was still there 😉

We made Valentine’s treats for the grandparents, Daddy and the birdies!

We burnt cookies and mommy tried so hard not to curse out loud (do you know how long it takes me to make cookies?!) Not going to share this recipe since clearly it wasn’t a good one 😉  Ok, so I left them in too long and used mint extract instead of vanilla – this is why I don’t bake!

We made funny faces!

We made chocolate covered strawberries (I got carried away with the sprinkles). And they were (as Aaron says) “Tasty!”.

We made smoothies and ate them on the kitchen floor on my lap.  This is a horrible photo for a lot of reasons, but I love it because it’s me and my baby doing something we love (and do often). It’ll give me a great memory one day, so to me it’s worth keeping.

Be sure that YOU are taking photos of your daily life too!  Hate your camera? Sign up for one of my quick 1-hour courses and learn how to use it…not into classes? Hire someone (me! me!) to document an hour or 2 during a day in your life.  I promise you, it will be worth every penny.

Thanks for seeing what we’ve been up to! How did you celebrate the Month of Love??  xo



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