A Spring Family Session | The Kleiners

The warm weather is FINALLY here! I’m so glad we had such a beautiful night for the Kleiner’s family session. We hunkered down in their backyard and had lots of fun! I always love it when the kids help pick the locations…they always have a great eye for their favorite places.

Now is a great time to have your session. The weather is warm, the air is fresh and EVERYONE is in a good mood just to be outside!

Kleiner-29 BW


Kleiner-14Thank you for such a great session guys! xo

Erica@photerica.com to book your session!


Every Day Sessions | Something NEW!

When I was pregnant (ok so since day 1) I knew I wanted to stay at home with by babies. I’ve been home with Aaron for 4 years and Olive joined us 17 months ago. Staying at home, I’ve had these moments where I just wished there was someone following us around photographing our day together. I burn the moment into my brain and hope it sticks.


Like when Aaron was 2 and we would race outside to watch the garbage truck pick up our tote. He’d sit in my lap and we would wave, hoping to get a “beep beep!” in return.  Or when Olive will random turn to me and give me an eskimo kiss. These little amazing moments that I want to freeze.


Of course I have the photos of my kids doing most of these things on their own…but I wish I was in them. Can you believe it…I should know better. I should have hired someone (and I still should!) to take an everyday session for me. I want my kids to have a snapshot, just an idea, of what we did during the day together. What our days were filled with, how much fun we had and how loved they were.


So wether you are a stay at home mom, or you are taking the day off work to enjoy your little one(s), this type of session is for you.  *Every Day At-Home Sessions*.


We’ll schedule a time for me to come to your home and photograph you with your babies, doing every day things. Going for a walk or bike ride, playing in the grass, making cookies, chalking on the driveway, blowing bubbles etc… it’s nothing that takes planning…it’s just a relaxed, fun day at home. A session that shows your little ones personalities while they’re in their element…with YOU! If you really don’t want to be in them…well, ok 😉  But you should be! At least a few!


Every Day At-Home Session ($350):

  • 1-2 hour session at your home
  • Minimum of 40 edited images
  • Online gallery of all edited images
  • All digital files, via gallery download

Email me to set up your session at Erica@photerica.com.

These moments…don’t let them by! xo

How Do I Use My Camera?! | DSLR Class Details

I know it’s hard to imagine at the moment, but spring IS coming. It is, I promise! The first thing everyone does when the weather warms up is break out their cameras to get fun photos of their kids playing outside. They want good photos wether it’s bright and sunny or dark and cloudy. And you should have them! If you have a camera that you spent a good chunk of change on and still have yet to use it the way you know it should be used…sign up for my class! Learn NOW so that you can practice and be ready when the weather warms up.


We’ll spend 1-2 hours together 1:1, chatting about:

* how to take better photos in low light and bright light (indoors and outdoors!)
* using your camera in manual mode
* basics of your camera and how/when to adjust different features (shutter, aperture, ISO)
* best ways to practice using your camera
* answers to all of your questions and areas you’re having trouble with


We spend time on what YOU want to learn in addition, so that you walk away feeling good about what you’ve learned. And you can always contact me if you run into questions along the way 😉

We’ll pick a time and place that works for you and has the right light settings so that you can actually PRACTICE and LEARN while you’re with me. The best way to learn is to do! I’ll provide you with a cheat sheet of everything we learned so that you don’t need to take as many notes and can focus on your camera.


Trust me. Learn to use your camera. These are your kids, your pets, your friends and family…your life you are documenting. Make sure you have great photos to remember these moments by!

Classes are $150 for up to 2 hours. Discounts are available if you bring a friend!





A fun session with 5 little girls | Cousins

What’s a perfect gift for Grandma? Photos of her grandchildren together! 5 little girls, 4 parents and an hour later we had Grandma’s Christmas gift 🙂 These girls were adorable – they kept me on my toes, which I love, and were just so cute to watch together. Now I just need to be able to do this with my kids and their cousins for their Grandma (sorry Grandma, I know I still owe you!) 😉


I love this mama and her baby…who is getting SO BIG! ❤


I’m so happy to know all 3 families and take their photos. I really do have the very best clients!! xo

Now booking Spring sessions!! Erica@photerica.com to get details and book YOUR session 🙂

Remember how beautiful fall was? This family made it even better <3

Ahh fall! I LOVE the fall…except for the impending doom of winter, it’s right up there with August and picking tomatoes from the garden. The leaves this past fall were perfection, along with the light. Add in an easy-going, fun and very loving family and you have the perfect outdoor family session. Meet the Armstrongs – I look forward to our fall sessions every year. I think this year was my favorite ❤


Even grandpa stepped in for a few photos with his favorite guy ❤

Armstrong-30-2Armstrong-34-2Armstrong-48-2Armstrong-45-2Armstrong-41-2Armstrong-18-2Armstrong-64-2Armstrong-43-2I love it when you bring your pups to our sessions! I can’t wait to see this family again next year, and see Ryan grow even bigger ❤ xo

Sisters | Mini Session | Rochester, NY Child Photographer

sisters on rug

These 3 little ladies came to see me for a quick mini session on one of THE coldest days! Props to their mom & dad for bringing them out 🙂  I took newborn photos for Georgia, so it was a treat to see her at 9 months!  We did quick photos of each of the girls on their own, and then the 3 of them together…bam, bam, bam! DONE!  In and out in 30 minutes…and then on their way to get Frosties 🙂

This is the perfect type of session to get a few shots of your little ones while it’s cold out, OR to document your little one’s milestone marks before 1 year.  Mini sessions are for 3-10 month olds (though if you bring siblings it’s ok!). Portraits of your baby are important before they turn one, so be sure to stop in!
sisters photographbaby on belly
cute girl portraitsitting on rug
sisters on rug
cute girl on rug  girl on belly Baby on rug
sisters photography

Come back and see me soon girls!! xo

Contact Erica@photerica.com for your winter mini-session!

Healthy Toddler Snacks | Personal

veggie smoothie

Everyone wants a healthy toddler, but some days it seems impossible. Veggies & toddlers are not always the best combination. I’m pretty lucky that my little guy is willing to eat his share of vegetables most days.  This week, however, has been a struggle.  It might have to do with those birthday cupcakes we gave him…hmmm… 😉

I had been Pinteresting ideas on how to get toddlers to eat veggies and came across several recipes for smoothies.  They sounded ok, but had a lot of ingredients that I didn’t have.  And even though Wegmans is wonderful, I didn’t want to make a second trip back there this week.  So I made my own with what I had in the fridge.  Below are the 2 recipes that I came up with (and were more than toddler approved!)

Spinach & Fruit Smoothie- 1 large handful of baby spinach (fresh)
– 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt (you can use flavored!)
– Splash of OJ
– Splash of Milk
– 2 slices of pears
– 3 tablespoons of Wegmans frozen berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries)

veggie smoothie
Blend it all together and stick in a fun straw!  Aaron drank it up happily.  This made about 1.5 pints (he drank about .5 pint) and got his filling of goodness. YUM.

Carrot, Apple & Orange Smoothie
– 2 slices of apple (skin on)
– 8 baby carrots (boiled)
– 3-4 tablespoons of OJ
– 1 tablespoon of strawberry yogurt
– 3 slices of pears
– 1 large handful of baby spinach (fresh)
– Splash of Milk

veggie smoothie

This was my favorite despite the green-ness!  You might want to add some honey if it isn’t sweet enough for you.  It made 1 pint and Aaron drank the WHOLE THING! YAHOO!

healthy toddler

Obviously I don’t recommend using trickery as a way to get daily veggies, but on those tough days I’d rather give him a healthy treat than tough it out with him.  Because you know who will win 🙂

I LOVE hearing about different ways moms get their little ones to eat healthy so please share your recipe in the comments!